Cuttable Transfer Media - Poli-Flex Block-Out

Poli-Flex Block-Out

Poliflex Blockout is sublimation resistant due to an extra blockout coating. It is an ecologically proven polyurethane film with matt, reflection free surface To avoid a sublimation migration we recommend that the garment is NOT pre-heated.

We recommend a standard 45° blade.
PoliFlex Blockout is available 500mm wide

  • Always cut design in mirror image
  • Weed and remove unwanted material
  • Poliflex Blockout transfers 155°C to 165°C
  • Cover with a teflon sheet and press for 17-20 seconds
The polyester liner should be removed warm. Afterwards we recommend pressing the material for another 2 seconds with the same parameters. Not suitable for NYLON.

Poliflex Blockout is the solution to stop dye migration. Many of today's imported polyester fabrics are coloured with inexpensive low energy dyes that migrate rapidly into attached polymeric material with the application of minimal heat, or slowly over time at normal room temperature. Poliflex Blockout films are designed with an additional layer to prevent dye migrating or “bleeding” through your transfer image from the dyed polyester fabrics.

  • Cotton, Polyester / Cotton and acrylic blends NOT Suitable for NYLON
  • 155°C - 165°C
  • First pressing 17-20 seconds 2nd Pressing 2 seconds
  • Cut mirror reverse
  • Medium pressure
  • Peel warm
  • Wash textile inside out 60°C only colour mild detergent 
  • Iron inside out

** Colour Chart Colours are Indicative Only **
  • APB 4501

  • APB 4510

  • APB 4508

  • APB 4503

  • APB 4515

APBS 4501 SOFT WHITE - By the Metre - Poli-Flex Block-Out Soft

APBS 4501 SOFT WHITE - By the Metre - Poli-Flex Block-Out Soft

Price: $19.00Qty:
Volume Pricing: 
1 $20.90
2-9 $19.25
10+ $17.60
APB 4501 WHITE - By the Roll - Poli-Flex Block-Out

APB 4501 WHITE - By the Roll - Poli-Flex Block-Out

Price: $375.00Qty:
Volume Pricing: 

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