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Our Frequently Asked Questions area is provided as an insight to our business, sure its not a complete list, however if you can think of a question we have missed please click contact us and we will answer ASAP! Thank you.

General FAQs

Are your products Oeko-Tex Certified?
Yes, most of our products have earned the Oeko-Tex label, which certifies that the product is compliant with health and safety regulations within the standard class tests of 100 - class I (suitable for baby products up to age three) and II (suitable for products having skin contact, i.e. blouses, shirts, underwear).
 Download our Oeko-Tex certificate here.
Can I buy direct from your company?
Yes you can buy direct from Adzon. view our products
Can we apply your products with a hand iron?
We recommend the use of a heat press, to ensure correct heat and pressure to guarantee permanent adhesion to the garment.
Do you charge delivery?
Delivery is free on all orders over $150.00 net.
Do you have minimum quantity for orders?
You can order from 1 metre to full roll quantities.
Do you sell Pressure Sensitive Media?
Yes we have a large range of Pressure sensitive Digital Print Media.
How many colours are there available in Poli-Flex Premium/ThermoFlex Plus?
We have over 40 colours available at present with other colours being added frequently.
If I make a mistake during application can your products be removed?

This depends on the fabric, please contact Adzon for further information on 07 5564 9566.

Where do you deliver?
Adzon ships throughout Australia using Star Track and Fastway courier systems. Other methods by request.

Technical FAQs

How do I determine the correct blade depth for the plotter?
A good cut is when the blade comes completely through the material and makes a faint score on the carrier.  If it is cutting into the carrier deep enough to be felt on the other side, lessen the depth and do another test cut.  If it is not cutting deep enough to weed easily, increase the blade down force and test again.
The material is not sticking to the garment, what do I do?
Most of the time this is caused when there is not enough pressure while heat pressing. Please check the instructions for the particular material, as this differs with each product. Make sure to heat press the garment flat before pressing on the material to iron out any moisture or wrinkles.
Also, make sure that there are no seams underneath or beside where you are pressing your design. This will cause an uneven pressing surface and affect the quality of the adhesion.
If you have done everything correct and are pressing at the correct time, temperature, pressure, and peeling at the right temperature and are still experiencing this issue, here are a few simple steps:
•First, smooth the design back down. Repress for 50% of the original press time.
•Take a cloth and rub the carrier above the design for 5-7 seconds, especially around the edges.
•Peel off the carrier from a different corner when it has reached the specified peel temperature.
The material is not weeding right, what do I do?
Most of the time, this has to do with how the material was cut. Before plotting your design, perform test cuts and adjust blade depth and speed accordingly.
If the blade is not connecting the lines in the design, the blade offset degree should be adjusted on the plotter to make the edges of the design join properly.
There are bands of white going through the printed design, what should i do?
This is referred to as ‘banding’. This problem is generally caused by clogged or dirty print heads. Check your printer manual for instructions on how to do a head cleaning. If you have performed the most powerful cleaning possible and are still having banding issues, contact your printer manufacturer.
There are tiny squiggles of white on the printed design. What should I do?
This problem is caused when there is dust on the printing surface. Keep your printable materials covered while storing to prevent dust build-up on the outside edges.  We recommend wiping off the first few feet before printing to avoid this issue.
There is a great deal of color shift in the printed design. What should I do?
Either one of the print heads is completely clogged or one color is out of ink. If all of your ink levels are good, you may need to perform a head cleaning on your printer.  If your ink is full and a cleaning does not help contact your printer manufacturer.
What color profiles are recommended for your materials?
If you are using a Roland VersaCAMM with VersaWorks software, we have found that the [RIPC] TTRH (MAX Impact Color Management) profile works best with most of our materials. If you are using a different printer or software, contact the machine manufacturer for more information.
What degree of blades should I use for different materials?
A 45 degree blade works best for most of our materials. We do recommend using a 60 degree blade for our thicker materials.
This includes: Crazy Crystal Colors, ThermoFlex Sport, Reflection Protection Products, DecoFlock, and any other thick material.
Which side of the material should face up when I feed it into the plotter?
On most materials, the rule of thumb is to load the material into the cutter so the beginning edge comes over the top of the roll, not from the bottom.

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